Landmarks in England – 10 Most Famous

Famous Landmarks in England

The British monarchy is one of the world’s oldest, and there is no shortage of historical landmarks in the country. While the country is loaded with natural beauty, you will also find plenty of historic buildings and museums. Also, England is an ancient land that was inhabited by Anglo-Saxons, Normans, Vikings, Romans, and even Stone … Read more

Landmarks in London – 10 Most Famous

Famous Landmarks in London

London, the United Kingdom’s capital, is a 21st-century cosmopolitan city with a history stretching back to Roman times. In 43 BCE, Roman armies occupied the island under Emperor Claudius. As the Romans moved into central Britain, they discovered two low hills, where they established a settlement called Londinium. The Vikings name it Lundenwic and the Celts, … Read more

Landmarks in Chile – 10 Most Famous

Famous Landmarks in Chile

Chile is a country in southern South America, bounded to the north by Peru, to the east by Bolivia and Argentina, and to the south and west by the Pacific Ocean. With an area of 756,096 square kilometers (291,930 sq mi), Chile is the world’s 38th-largest country by land area and ranks 67th among countries … Read more

Landmarks in Florida – 10 Most Famous

Famous Landmarks in Florida

Every year, millions of people flock to Florida to enjoy the state’s gorgeous coastline, warm weather, Disney World, and miles of white sand beaches. However, the Sunshine State is also a state with a lot of history, and there is no shortage of famous landmarks. We’ve compiled this list of some of the most famous … Read more

Landmarks in California – 10 Most Famous

Famous Landmarks in California

California, the most populous and the third largest U.S. state by area, has a diverse geography, the largest economy in the country, and holds some of the nation’s most populous urban areas. The Greater Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay Area are its biggest and most densely populated areas, and Sacramento is its capital. California’s … Read more

Landmarks in Russia – 10 Most Famous

Famous Landmarks in Russia

Russia, often known as the Russian Federation, is a vast country that spans both Europe and Asia. Over 17,098,246 square kilometers (6,601,670 square miles) in size, it is the largest country in the world and accounts for one-eighth of the habitable land area on Earth. There are eleven time zones in Russia, and it shares … Read more

Landmarks in Texas – 10 Most Famous

Famous Landmarks in Texas

Texas, nicknamed the Lone Star state, borders New Mexico, Arkansas, and Louisiana, as well as the country of Mexico. With over 268,500 square miles, it’s the 2nd largest state in America. The famous slogan, “things are bigger in Texas”, does not just apply to its land mass. As you’ll see below, even their landmarks are … Read more

Landmarks in Japan – 10 Most Famous

Famous Landmarks in Japan

The land of the rising sun is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in the world. While there is an abundance of things to see and do in Japan, some of the most compelling reasons to go are the landmarks. Whether it be a natural occurrence or a man-made structure, there is so much … Read more

10 Most Famous Australian Landmarks

Famous Australian Landmarks

Australia is one of the largest countries in the world, with many islands and significant landmarks. It’s located in the Southern Hemisphere between the Indian and Pacific oceans. Australia is a fascinating continent also called the ‘Oldest Continent’ and the ‘Last Frontier.’ It’s the home of mountains, natural wonders, beaches, natural reserves, and national parks, … Read more

Landmarks in the USA – 10 Most Famous

Famous Landmarks in the USA

If you are looking to find a few new places to visit in America, there are many that give you an insight into American history and how the country was built. These monuments can be gifts from other countries, monuments sculpted by hand, military memorials, or even some of the best engineering that can be … Read more