Landmarks in Venice – 10 Most Famous

Famous Landmarks in Venice

Most people would agree that the sights of Venice are both impressive and unforgettable. And when they visit, most look for the famous landmarks that everyone knows about but not everyone gets to see. Venice has a rich and vibrant history when it comes the arts and also the architecture of the city. At one … Read more

23 Most Famous Landmarks in the World

Famous Landmarks

Many of the worlds most famous landmarks have helped to shape and define a countries cultural identity. From the ancient monuments of the past to today’s iconic structures and cities, humans have left a lasting mark on the planet. Some of these iconic places are even viewable from space! How many of these iconic places … Read more

Landmarks in Barcelona – 10 Most Famous

Famous Landmarks in Barcelona

Barcelona’s landmarks have a lot to offer, even for the pickiest tourist, the city contins a wide variety of recreational opportunities, one of the best beaches in the world, a somewhat temperate climate, and iconic landmarks, including eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The cosmopolitan center of Spain’s Catalonia region is Barcelona. The city is home … Read more

Landmarks in Madrid – 10 Most Famous

Famous Landmarks in Madrid

Madrid is home to some of the richest history, art, and culture in Europe. If you are planning a trip, you may feel overwhelmed by all there is to do and see! These 10 most famous landmarks in Madrid are unmissable destinations for any tourist, whether it is your first trip or your most recent … Read more

Landmarks in Spain – 10 Most Famous

Famous Landmarks in Spain

You haven’t seen all the spectacular European sites until you’ve traveled to Spain. Spain is the second-largest country in the European Union and the fourth-most populous. It is located in Southwestern Europe, partly surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean in the west and bordered by the Mediterranean Sea to the east and south. Portugal borders it … Read more

Landmarks in Rome – 10 Most Famous

Famous Landmarks in Rome

Rome, Italy has been described as one of the most historically-rich destinations in the world by historians, archaeologists and scholars in various fields of study. The capital city of Italy was also the center of the Roman Empire, which ruled throughout southern Europe and around the Mediterranean Sea from roughly 600 B.C. until around the … Read more

Landmarks in Italy – 10 Most Famous

Famous Landmarks in Italy

Italy is one of the top destinations for travelers who visit Europe as it offers a plethora of historic buildings and structures in its cities. Rome, Milan and many other locations feature landmarks that can’t be found in other parts of Europe. With so many historic structures dotting the landscape of the country, it’s difficult … Read more

Landmarks in Germany – 10 Most Famous

Famous Landmarks in Germany

Germany is a nation that is filled with historic works of art, literature, architecture and more dating back thousands of years. From the time of the Roman Empire, the people inhabiting present-day Germany proved to be ambitious, studious, and also held artists and architects in very high esteem. Long ago, Germany emerged as one of … Read more

Landmarks in Europe – 10 Most Famous

Famous Landmarks in Europe

Many the most iconic landmarks in Europe, such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Colosseum in Rome, and the Leaning Tower of Pisa, need little or no introduction. Europe has some of the world’s finest history, art, and culture. If you’re planning a vacation, you could be feeling overwhelmed by all there is to … Read more

10 Most Famous Greek Landmarks

Famous Greek Landmarks

Greece is one of the most-visited nations in Europe and many people travel to the small, rugged island nation to view some of the many ancient landmarks that are scattered throughout its borders. Greek culture was once the pinnacle of civilization and historians point to ancient Greek cities as prime examples of the incredibly-talented architectural … Read more