Landmarks in New York City – 13 Most Famous

Famous Landmarks in New York

Many of New York’s most famous landmarks, buildings, and parks are recognized all over the globe, as is the city’s frenetic pace, which gave rise to the name “New York minute.” There are five boroughs that make up New York City, and they are located at the point where the Hudson River and the Atlantic … Read more

Landmarks in Paris – 10 Most Famous

Famous Landmarks in Paris

Paris is one of the most-visited cities in Europe, drawing more than 30 million people each year into the historic metropolis. It’s perhaps best known for the many different art movements that began in the city of Paris and there are plenty of art and architectural buildings that serve as well-known landmarks for those who … Read more

11 Most Famous French Landmarks and Monuments

Famous French Landmarks

France is home to a diverse range of historical landmarks, including towns that date back to the Middle Ages, villages in the Alps, and coastlines along the Mediterranean. Paris, the nation’s capital, is renowned all over the world for its fashion firms that specialize in haute couture, its classical art museums (among which is the … Read more