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Fear of Flying: Understanding Turbulence

Although statistics can’t totally reduce an emotional response, here are some facts I recently learned about turbulence that give me comfort when the going gets bumpy and the seatbelt sign is on.

Best audio books for kids

The Best Audio Books for Kids

Need audiobooks for kids? We’ve listened to them all (well, a lot anyway). Here’s an age-by-age guide to fun stories that will make the miles fly by on road trips or long flights.

best baby and toddler travel gear

Best baby and toddler travel gear

Travel crib? Travel stroller? Travel high chair? Here’s what you’re really going to need when traveling with a baby or a toddler. And before you pull out your credit card, try to borrow.

Fun family vacation ideas

Things to do in Washington DC with kids

Things to Do in Washington, D.C.

Looking for the best things to do in Washington, D.C. with or without kids? I visited 30 attractions in 7 days. Here’s my advice on what to see and skip.

11-month-old Xiao Liwu is just dangerously cute, so be careful.

What to do in San Diego with kids

Every few years, I find myself in San Diego with kids. As many times as I’ve been here, I still find myself Googling “what to do in San Diego?” every single time.

Family dude ranch vacations

10 Great Dude Ranches for Families

Of all the many trips I’ve taken with my family, I get the most questions about our horse back riding vacations. It turns out I’m not the only one who with a cowgirl fantasy.

Travel gear I like

Best travel toys for kids

Best Travel Toys

An age-by-age guide to the best (usually quiet, and with good replay value) travel toys for kids from babies to teens.

Best portable cribs for travel

Best Portable Cribs for Travel

Three great lightweight travel cribs for babies and toddlers. I know what you’re thinking: “With all the other stuff I have to carry, now you’re telling me a I need a crib? No way!”

Best travel strollers

Travel Strollers

It is an axiom of family travel that that which works at home does not always work on the road. No one wants to buy an extra stroller just for travel. We’ve been there too.

Ideas for group vacations

Multigenerational family travel with Adventures by Disney

Adventures by Disney

This is not the kind of family vacation we would have chosen on our own. As experienced travelers, we don’t normally go in for luxury group touring. Here’s how Adventures by Disney won us over.

group vacations in mexico

Ludicrous luxury in Mexico

Need a big place for a big family? Playasola sleeps at least 11 people and the casita can accommodate six more. It’s accessible only by water taxi, so seculsion is a given.

sunriver oregon family reunions

Sunriver Resort with Kids

Deciding where to go on a family vacation isn’t easy. You don’t have much time off, so you have to make it count. You also want to save money and have a great time. One place that consistently checks all these boxes is Sunriver Resort in central Oregon.