The King David Hotel: Jerusalem, Israel

The King David Hotel is a lovely hotel in the center of Jerusalem. The property is a historic attraction in itself — during the British mandate, it held British administrative offices in one wing that were bombed in 1946 by the Irgun. But no worries — it’s been well-rebuilt and is the hotel of choice for many celebrities and emissaries visiting the area.

Jerusalem’s Old City is a short 10-minute walk away, with attractions like David’s Citadel, the Western Wall and shopping along King David Street. And within a few blocks of the hotel you can find a variety of shops, cafes and restaurants.

2-4 in a regular room. But adjoining rooms and suites may accommodate more.

The hotel is gorgeous. The lobby, with its reading room and other side rooms, is well worth exploring. But the highlight, besides the hotel’s location and history, is definitely the pool and playground. After wandering the Old City for the day (carrying Chet and his giant bag-o-crap), it was the perfect oasis.

Good to know
Jerusalem is not a stroller-friendly town. Unless you have someone to help you carry it (repeatedly) up and down stairs, you are going to cry after an hour of carrying both your child and the stroller. Also, it pays to learn a little bit more about Kosher rules. The hotel’s restaurant keeps Kosher so you won’t be able to get those chicken nuggets for your child and a pasta with cheese for you served to the same table.



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