Hyatt Regency Taba Heights: Taba, Egypt


A luxury 5-star hotel in Egypt between the mountains of Sinai and the Red Sea. It’s got gardens, lagoons, miles of private beach, and a fantastic children’s program. At 485 square feet, standard rooms here are spacious. At 825 square feet, Deluxe kings are decadent.

Taba Heights is in Egypt, 250 miles from Cairo. Guests can drive (or be driven) from here in 5 hours, or fly in 1.


The day trip to Petra is fantastic. You cross the Red Sea by boat (landing in Al ‘Aqabah, Jordan), then travel by coach through the Wadi Rum Desert. It’s very Lawrence of Arabia! Snorkeling here is great too. Our kids loved the organized sports, guest participation belly dancing, and Bedouin theme nights.

Good to know
Security is very tight here. Apart from camel trips to the Sinai desert and days out to Petra, there isn’t much to do off the hotel grounds. The weather here is perfect in April and October, but summer is deadly.



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