New Family Friendly Hotels in Egypt:

Hyatt Regency Taba Heights: Taba, Egypt

A luxury 5-star hotel in Egypt between the mountains of Sinai and the Red Sea. It’s got gardens, lagoons, miles of private beach, and a fantastic children’s program. more »

El-Hammra Ecolodge: Wadi-Natron, Egypt

Got a budding Egyptologist in the family? The El-Hammra Ecolodge makes a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of Cairo sightseeing. more »

Intercontinental Pyramids Park: Giza, Egypt

The InterContinental Pyramids Park is a sprawling resort in Giza, suburb of Cairo and home to the famous Great Pyramids. The 470-room property is set on several acres, a true oasis in the desert more »

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