New Family Friendly Hotels in Europe:

Eat your way through Amsterdam

Looking for things to do with kids in Amsterdam?  Try a food tour Finding family friendly things to do in major European cities can be… tricky.  In its infinite wisdom, the internet seems to think that most parents are willing to travel halfway around the world with their kids and then play miniature golf or [...]

Written by Jamie Pearson

Getting to Amsterdam. Even the easy way was kind of hard.

Even though I took steps to make our journey to Amsterdam as easy as possible (direct flight, checked bags, upgraded to economy plus), it was still kind of a grind. Any time you spend ten hours on a plane going to Europe from the west coast, you’re going to feel it.

Written by Jamie Pearson

Why not Amsterdam?

Those of you who know me in the real world, have by now heard that I’ve decided to spend an unprecedented five weeks in Amsterdam this summer with my two kids (who are now a fairly travel-ready 12 and 14).

Written by Jamie Pearson

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