New Family Friendly Hotels in Europe:

Apartment by Castle: Edinburgh, Scotland

A warm and cozy home base in the shadow of the castle When I book a place to stay on vacation with my family of four, I’m always looking for three things: a perfect location for sightseeing, room to spread out, and the convenience of a kitchen so we don’t have to eat every meal [...] more »

The Casa Hotel: Derbyshire, England

Property If you’re traveling through the North of England and head to the Peak District with your family, you’ll want to make sure to stay at the Casa in Derbyshire.  You can’t beat this 4-star hotel’s excellent location.  The hotel has 100 fully furnished rooms.  It’s also a very family-friendly hotel that really focuses on [...] more »

The Lowry Hotel: Manchester, England

Property Named after a famous Mancunian artist, DS Lowry, The Lowry Hotel is part of the world’s exclusive Rocco Forte Hotels and is both modern and elegant.  Located on the banks of the River Irwell, in the center of Manchester, this five-star hotel has 165 bedrooms, six suites and is as child-friendly as a hotel can [...] more »

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