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Shopping for a lightweight travel stroller?  You’re in the right place.

It is an axiom of family travel that that which works at home does not always work on the road.  No one wants to buy an extra stroller just for travel.  But, let’s face it, no one wants lug the fully featured model (or hand it over to the baggage handlers) either.  Trust us on this.

If you’re looking for the best lightweight strollers for travel, read on.   If you like our reviews, please support us.  Clicking our links takes you straight to Amazon and doesn’t cost you more.  If you’re looking for all our favorite baby and toddler travel gear, we’ve got that too.

The Best of the Best

Looking for a lightweight ride that is truly easy to open and close with only one hand free?  Look no further than the Maclaren Volo.  At just under 9 lbs., your aching, tired back will love it.  But it’s real draw is the fact you can open and close it with ease – something you’ll appreciate if you ever have to quickly change trains at any European train station.

Fashionistas will appreciate that the Volo comes in a variety of great color schemes – and it’s easily cleaned up with just a diaper wipe or two.

travel strollersFor the Bigger Kids

It can be embarrassing enough to still be pushing your 7-year-old when you travel – but people don’t notice as much (mostly you) when you have a great stroller made for bigger kids.

The Zooper Bolero is a great big kid option.  It’s a sturdy 17 lbs., very easy to clean and also very easy to whip open and closed.  Total win for the whole family.

Double Your Pleasure

double travel strollersIf you have more than one little one, you don’t have to pack two strollers – a double can work, provided you have the right one.  The Phil and Ted’s Classic Double Stroller (12 lbs.) is a great travel option.

Full disclosure:  it’s ain’t cheap but it’s sleek, slim design means your double won’t get stuck in a skinny market aisle or one of those tiny medieval cobblestone streets.  Trust me, people, I’ve seen it happen and it ain’t pretty.

travel strollersThe Convertible

When Chet was two, our go-to travel stroller was the Kelty KIDS Convertible Child Carrier.  We found that backpacks weren’t allowed in some museums while strollers weren’t allowed in others.  Total hassle.

With our 9 lb. Kelty, all we had to do was flip the bar, uncover the wheels and we could switch to the most appropriate travel option.  It was a lifesaver when we weren’t sure what kind of terrain we’d be hitting.

Off-roading vehicle

travel strollersTake a gander at European strollers and you’ll notice one thing – big, nubby rubber wheels.  Why?  The cobblestones.  The whiplash from just a mile walk in Rome can make you understand why the right wheels can make all the difference on a traveling stroller.

A favorite is the Maxi Cosi Foray Stroller (one you’ve likely seen those fabulous European women using) – it’s 33 lbs. mean you are always prepared for the bumps of travel.

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  1. says

    I have two absolute favourites to add to the list.
    1) the city mini baby jogger side-by-side double buggy. The best double buggy on the market, hands down. It is superb. One of the issues with doubles is that if you need to fold them down (e.g. to pack into the boot of your rental car) you’re stuck. This baby folds completely flat, easy peasy, no wheels to remove, etc. Also, because it’s only one piece you’re unlikely to lose or damage crucial bits in the hold of the plane! It’s served us well throughout our travels pretty much everywhere over the past 2 years.
    2) Bugaboo cameleon. A bit of a pain to fold down, but while travelling in Canada over winter hols it was a godsend. Nothing else compares on snow & ice & sand. Also having the carry-cot bit was great – meant we didn’t need to bring a travel cot with us when travelling in the early months.

  2. says

    I’m a big fan of zooper, the clean lines and functionality are great.

    But you did a great job on showcasing each stroller and their strong points… now finding one that can do all? That’s another challenge.

  3. says

    Great! The author recommends one stroller of different types and I believe that all parents can find an ideal one here.

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