Travels with Baby: The Ultimate Guide

Shelly Rivoli has solid travel credentials. She took her first flight as a parent at just 5 weeks post partum. By the time her daughter was 2, the family had explored 4 continents and a handful of islands. Then she wrote a book, had another baby, and kept going.

Now, I’ve got some travel credentials of my own (not to mention a five-year head start on Shelly). I offered to review Travels with Baby: The Ultimate Guide for Planning Trips with Babies, Toddlers, and Preschool-Age Children, but I didn’t expect to learn anything.

I was wrong.

For example:

“When camping with an infant, your biggest concern will be nighttime temperatures. Babies can’t snuggle down with their faces in their sleeping bags like the rest of us.” (Chapter 2, Deciding Where to Go).

“Encourage a palate for universally available foods-rice, yogurt, vegetables, beans, and noodles can be had in virtually any country.” (Chapter 4, Preparing for Changes).

“Any time you will crossing the border with your child, but without the other parent, you will need a notarized letter of consent from the absent parent, or evidence that you are the child’s sole legal guardian.” (Chapter 17, Special Situations).

See what I mean?

Shelly breaks down all kinds of stuff for parents: malaria medications, international car seat laws, scenic train trips around the country, cruising, and more.

I wish this book had been around when my friends were having babies. It would have been the perfect shower gift. Come to think of it, it still is.



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    I am just so impressed with you people who actually think about traveling with such tiny babies. I had a hard time getting from Oakland to the SF Peninsula when my guys were little. Wow.

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    Wow, I’m impressed too. I’m nervous making a trip with a 19-month old. Although a young baby may make it easier and sleep on the flight for you, or not. At least they wouldn’t want to be running up and down the aisles… I’m just concerned that we’ll be the parents that everyone else on the plane hates because our kid won’t stop screaming. And that when we get there we’ll be stuck in the hotel room where I’ll want to tear my (and my son’s) hair out!
    I’m sure it will be a trip to remember, whether for good or bad – but hopefully for the better! :)

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