Top Ten iPhone Apps for Kids

Best iPhone and iPad Apps for Children

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you probably know that the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch are the greatest things to come along for traveling parents since portable DVD players.  Load them with the best iPad and iPhone apps for kids, and the miles fly just by.

Ready to get started?  Of course you are.  But how will you choose the best apps for children from among the thousands  in the App Store?  That’s easy—we’ll help you.  We test oodles of games and update this post monthly.

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1.  Sneezies
Ages 3 and up, $.99
download on itunes

A very addictive game in which furry little pompom creatures called “Sneezies” float across the screen trapped in bubbles.  You sprinkle sneezing powder to free them, and their sneezes start chain reactions that free even more sneezies!  It’s strangely soothing, but maybe that’s because of the spa-music soundtrack.

2.  Geocaching
Ages 4 and up (with help), $.9.99
download on itunes

Of all the apps I own, this is by far my favorite.  Do you know about geocaching?  People hide tiny boxes filled with trinkets all over the world (even in urban and suburban areas) and upload clues and GPS coordinates to the web.  Other people (like you and your kids) hunt for the boxes.  When you find them, you take a tiny treasure out of the box and leave one for the next searcher.  It’s incredibly fun, wholesome, and great exercise.


3.  Squiggles
Ages 5 and up, $4.99
download on itunes

Squiggles lets you and your kids take iPhone photos and doodle, write, and paint on them with a wide selection of colors and stamps.

Younger kids will enjoy stamping hearts, flowers, and bubbles on photos while  older kids and adults will find more sophisticated ways to use this potentially hilarious app (such as adding animal ears and noses, mariachi hats, and mustaches to their friends’ faces).

Emailing your masterpieces is the icing on the cake.


4. Wurdle
Ages 5 and up, $1.99
download on itunes

A very fun word finding game in the tradition of Boggle, complete with satisfying sound effects.  If your kids are stress monsters, have them play in untimed mode.  This app is even good for kids who are relatively new to the reading and spelling game.


Face-Melter5. FaceMelter
Ages 2 and up, $1.99
download on itunes

Good luck not laughing your face off when you play this hilarious photo manipulation app.  You take or download pictures, then deform them by dragging, pinching, and twisting your finger across the screen.

Note:  Facemelter works with the iPod touch, but since it has no camera you’ll be stuck working with the image library.  This could still be pretty funny, but probably nowhere near as funny as distorting pictures of your friends and family.


6.  Weetwoo! Kid Videos
Ages 3 and up, $3.99
download on itunes

WeetWoo offers one-stop parent-curated video browsing for kids.  Skip the the questionable ads and content and go straight to the safe, educational, and entertaining YouTube videos.

Kids choose from among six channels that include Animals, Fun Shows, Learn, Music, People, and Places where the developers have listed hundreds of hours of kid-friendly programming with everything from funny kitten videos to a Discovery Education short biography of Ludwig van Beethoven.

Works best with Wifi, but also very well with 3G.  Highly recommended!


7.  Smacktalk

Ages 2 and up, $.99
download on itunes

Your children speak into the microphone, and an unbearably cute guinea pig, puppy, kitten, or chihuahua repeats what they say in a higher pitch and speed (squeaky mode) or a lower pitch and speed (freaky mode).   How much of this silliness can you bear listening to from the backseat?  There’s only one way to find out.


9. Pocket God
Ages 7 and up (for cartoon violence), $.99
download on itunes

On a remote island, you are the all-powerful ruler over a group of primitive islanders.  You can sacrifice them to sharks, lightning, and vampire bats, or give them gifts like fish and coconuts.

Kids love it, adults don’t get it.  Welcome to your future!


chuzzle10.  Chuzzle
Ages 4 and up, $4.99
download on itunes

Chuzzle has finally released an iPhone version of its popular PC game and is it ever awesome! Don’t let the price stop you—this is the best match-3 puzzle game in the iTunes store.

Kids slide google-eyed chuzzles across the iPhone screen trying to group 3 like-colored chuzzles together. When they do, the chuzzles explode with a giggle, sending fur and eyeballs flying.

It’s fun, intuitive, addictive and appropriate for kids of all ages.

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  1. Lani Asato says

    We like FirstWords:Animals for preschoolers. The most basic spelling program with cute animals and sounds. I have an ipod and it has saved me in doctor’s offices and no doubt we’ll love it on the airplane. Now, if only one device would be enough for two kids!

  2. says

    Thank you for this! I have watched kids play with parent’s iPhones and I had no idea what to add. (other than the sesame street podcasts) Of course getting the Air Hockey away from me will be tough.

  3. says

    Wow — I can’t believe I don’t have *any* of these yet! Will definitely be downloading — thanks.

    Other hits from my household (not strictly “kid” games, but that’s part of the charm): my nearly-5 y.o. is obsessed with reMovem (free) and both of my kids are fascinated by Labyrinth (the Lite Edition is also free and has plenty of “wow factor”). But am I a bad mom because I get bitter when my kids monopolize my toy?!

  4. says

    We are a Wordle family – with 1 iPhone.
    You’ll recognize us if you spot us in an airport: 4 heads literally stuck together shouting out words. Apologies in advance.

  5. says

    Thanks for this list. I just bought iKids Play (and saw that there is another story now as well) based on your recommendation. Very nice site, by the way.

  6. Joe Kraus says

    My 5 year old likes Scoops. It’s an application where you catch scoops of ice cream (and avoid vegetables) on an ice cream cone. It uses the accelerometer for control. He also likes Crossbones (which is a version of the card game Set)

  7. says

    Checkout our newly launched app Math series in app store. Similar to our other apps, this is also catered towards children to find the missing number. My 4 yr old daughter likes it.

    Please visit us at for all our apps and send us your feedback.

  8. Matty says

    We downloaded a new flash card application that is great too. It’s called Dex ABC Animals. The illustrations are great and the interface is very easy to use for my 2 and 3 year olds. They love it

  9. Jennifer says

    What about the kids eat free application. It pulls the closest restuarants to you that offer kids eat free meals.

  10. says

    I found this NEW iPhone/iTouch application that is not only great for keeping my daughter busy, but she is learning about music and LIKING it :)

    “Aimed at kids ages 8-14 years old, the protective silicone sleeves fit snuggly over an iPod nano and include a range of hip monster creations, with editions available for both iPod nano 3rd and 4th generations. Each case comes with its own secret code that can be used at to unlock full access to an online social network where users can create and dress their own avatars, mix their own music, and create animated dance videos that can be downloaded onto your iPod for viewing and sharing.

    Psyclops also creates a range of hip monster creation ipod protective cases, YET another reason I love this for my daugter!”

    You don’t need to own a Psyclops case to join the online community!

    PS Not gonna lie, I loove this app and can’t wait for more characters to become more available!

  11. says

    Hello! My game, BLiP Bloink, was just accepted by Apple, and is not available for $0.99. I designed it to be a really fun, engaging game for children and adults.

    Description of BLiP Bloink:

    Connect the Bloinks to keep them from going too high! If you enjoy games like Tetris, this game is for you.


    Simple, fast gameplay.
    Three levels of difficulty: Easy, Medium and Hard.
    Earn three Trophies across thirty levels of play.
    Share High Scores with friends with the “Brag” function!
    Continue to play iPod music in the background during gameplay.

  12. Bjorn says

    The Toy Lounge of St. Paul MN creates iPhone apps for Children’s Books – – these children’s book apps work on the iPod Touch too, so you don’t have to get sticky fingers all over your iPhone. Don’t worry about the small screen size, kids are used to it from portable video games. iPhone apps are a great way for unpublished authors to get their books published and sold.

  13. says

    check out smacktalk-it is an app that allows you to speak and then little creatures repeat what you say in a funny three old is nuts for it..

  14. says

    Not sure if it is considered a kids game, however, my kids ranging 3 to 7 are especially fond of “Bounce On”. We find it can keep them entertained from anywhere from 15 to 60 minutes at a time. They have been able to clear all the levels of the Lite version which has prompted us to consider buying the full version.
    My own company produces a grade specific series of educational games called Meghan’s Memory Game which can hold their attention for less time overall but does have the added benefit of helping to teach them how to read while developing memory and attention skills.
    You can learn more about Meghan’s Memory Game at our product page located at

  15. LeeAnn P. says

    My 5 yr old son loves the Sunnyville Yard Sale game. It’s a seek and find type thing. Heck, I’ll admit that I love it too!

  16. says

    Worried about what your kids might stumble across when browing the web on your iPhone or Touch? new app out there that is a kid-safe browser and has links to more than 1K fun and cool sites kids will like – animals, space, reference, etc. The app locks kids out of adult, gambling & similar sites. it also can track web usage, lets you set up reports on what they’ve browsed and allows you to add sites to the “whitelist” of ok places to browse. It’s on iTunes,

  17. says

    Great list thank you. My 3 year old son really likes Colorama, Dizzy Bee, My Labrador, Wheels on the Bus, Crash Kart, Rolando and I would also recommend an educational game Learn to Talk, great app for young children to help them learn new words (by going through the flash card, listening to the sounds and repeating the words)

  18. Elanore says

    Thanks for the awesome list. I stumbled upon a new iPhone application called “ABC Animals – Talking Alphabet for Kids” while looking for something to get my 2 year old started on reading. I’ve only had it for a few days, but I love it, and more importantly, my son loves it! The pictures are active, fun, and most of all, ENGAGING for my kid.


  19. says


    I hope this will be of interest. My company, PawPaw, has just released a new game called Farm Idol.

    The game consists of selecting from a range of animals (and a farmer) and presssing them to make a sound (baa, quack and so on!).

    If the iPhone is tilted, the note changes making it possible to play little tunes using a farm animal – surprisingly fun!

    The note names are also displayed on the left of the screen and can be pressed to make playing tunes even easier (and perhaps help children learn a musical octave).

    Have a look and do let us know if you have any ideas for future versions!

    All the best,


  20. says

    Try thsi one out:
    MonsterABC $.99

    MonsterABC is the latest in early childhood development tools – built specifically for the iPhone.

    Join the Monster as he explores the alphabet, sounding out letters and words.

    Letters – Explore the alphabet by clicking letters. Tap the monsters at the top of the screen to move through the alphabet. Don’t forget to tap the picture at the bottom to hear the word sounded out.

    Words- The word at the bottom of the screen is missing a letter. Tap the missing letter at the top of the screen to fill it in.

  21. says

    An iPhone kids application you should check out is iStoryTime. It’s a library of narrated and illustrated kids books for the iPhone. There are 6 books available in the Apple AppStore today: With new ones coming out every week.

    Great for driving in the car, on the airplane, or at a restaurant waiting for the bill when the kids are going crazy.

    Books are $1.99/ea from iTunes and can also be purchased on your phone from anywhere. Great for entertaining the kids in a guilt free way. All the wholesomeness of a book with the convenience of your phone.


    On the AppStore:

  22. Sarah says

    My daughter just LOVES the sounding pictures of the Winzki apps. There’s a list on (German site, but also english, french and spanish. Does not matter anyways, because the apps dont have text anywhere)

  23. Wall-emily says

    I’m surprised to see no music or rhythm games up on the list. Music is something every child can enjoy no matter how old they are or at what skill level. Some good ones out there include Mevo and the Grooveriders and Imp: surf the music.

  24. says

    I wrote an iPhone game to help teach math (addition), but also has a strategy element that anyone can enjoy. It resembles a solitaire game of bingo. You can see a sample sequence at
    I plan to expand it to subtraction and multiplication, although I haven’t decided whether to drive it as options on the current game or as separate editions. My concern is that K-1 players might accidentally put it in a mode beyond their skill level and get frustrated (feedback would be appreciated — there is a Facebook fan page link on the site).

  25. says

    Hi guys. I found this funtastic app for iphone. My kids love it:

    Name: iGoto the Jungle
    Category: Education
    Price: $0,99
    Company: Lisbon Labs

    Description: iGoto the Jungle is a family application that you can use to entertain your kids and also teach them about jungle animals.

    Forget the common child books. With iGoto the Jungle learning has never been more fun and we guarantee you’ll spend some quality time together while your children point to the animals and watch them moving and making all sort of sounds.

    We’ve tested iGoto the Jungle with dozens of toddlers and were surprised to see the ease they adapt to the iPhone and the way they interact with the application.

    Hope you enjoy it .)

  26. says

    We have just released an educational app for kids called LikeItSounds!

    LikeItSounds! is an app that teaches kids about homonyms as they solve up to 50 fun riddles, all fully illustrated. Our site, features a blog with fun facts about homonyms and words in general. We are brand-new and really interested in hearing what parents will think of our game. We think it’s a great way to pass the time in the car on long trips!

    We’d love to offer a promotional copy to any parent reviewers out there as well.


  27. Melissa Andrews says


    Thanks for sharing these – I will definitely be picking some of them up. My two-year old LOVES SmackTalk – it is hilarious to see him crack up at the sounds it makes. It can get on your (the parent’s nerves after a while – just ask my husband – so be warned. LOL) The other day, he got my cousin’s iPhone and mine out, put them both on SmackTalk to see how they would echo each other. We were totally wowed at that.

    We also love Peekaboo Barn – It’s an interactive game where you tap the barn and the doors open to reveal an animal that makes a sound. You then have a couple of seconds to say the animal before a cute child-like voice says it for you. I believe there is an option in settings to turn off the ‘answer’, but my son loves to hear the talking. As a bonus at the end, it goes to nightime, and all the animals go to sleep. You can also set it to do Spanish, if you’d like. And there’s a Lite version if you want to try-before-you-buy.

    I also have Wheels on the Bus and ABC Animals. These are really nice, even though they don’t keep him entertained for too long – he always seems to run back to SmackTalk.

    Two days ago or so, I bought one called Arcade – It has three interactive games. One is a matching ‘claw’ game – you see a shadow of an object and you have to pick from a list of four objects which one matches the shadow. The ‘claw’ moves over the one you select and if you’re correct, drops it into the right spot. There is also an Alphabet matching game where six letters are shown and a voice calls out a letter. The child has to pick the letter that is shown. This shows both upper-and-lower case letters. My son only recognizes upper case right now, so hopefully this will be a good learning tool. The last game seems to be a pinball game for counting, but I haven’t out how that works. I plan to write the developers.

  28. Matt D says

    I have two young boys who will not give me back my iPhone! I just recently found this great app called Travel Games Ultimate Edition. It has five games that I loved playing as a child (and now with my kids). One thing I like about it is most apps only provide you one game for your money, but this one has incorporated five which saves a lot of room on the icons screens. The five games it has are Slug Bug, Rock/Paper/Scissors, Find It! Pictures, Scavenger Hunt and License Plates Game. The thing I find most interesting about this app is how it allows others who are NOT using the iPhone to get involved in the game. Family interaction, yeah I think I will keep this one! You can find it on the apps web site at or on iTunes at

  29. WesG says

    After going through the comments, I realized that I can’t even trust the postings that look like normal people making suggestions with all the hawking of apps going on. That’s really too bad. Developers, I know you mean well but I’ll just stick with looking at the top ten recommend by this site.

  30. says

    Just came across a GREAT app called THE BIRTHDAY.

    It’s a book
    It’s a game
    It’s an iphone app!

    Just came across this interactive book that my kids LOVE.
    It’s totally cute AND educational. It’s amazing how it gets kids to learn.

    Every once in a while the narrator asks kids to help the characters out with something. Because kids are all into the story, they happily work out problems. Most are geared towards 4-5 year olds, but some are for older kids (6-7) as well.

    You can find it at:

  31. says

    Juicebox Software just came out with two new apps all about robots! There’s Amazing Robot Memory and Robot Coloring Book. Both feature great images of robots in a variety of themes (silly, wacky, evil, and friendly).

    The memory game is great and features three levels from ease (4 cards/2pairs) to hard (24 cards/12 pairs).

    The coloring book is easy-to-use, and you can even save your pictures once you’ve finished! You simply choose the color you want from the wheel at the bottom of the screen, then tap the section you want filled in.

    Check out Juicebox Software here:

  32. Ann Marie says

    If you want your children to actually interact with YOU instead of vegging out then I highly recommend you check out Family Matters.

    It’s a wonderfully entertaining tool whether you are at a restaurant or on a road trip. It asks fun questions and presents engaging activities that really bring the family closer.

    I first learned about it from a youtube video. I can’t find the link but I think it is on their website to at

    And here it is in iTunes:

  33. says

    My kids love to play with an app called one circle ( They like building the animated characters and it is fun seeing them react once they are built. Great at the airport and in the car.

  34. Nicole says

    We love Family Matters too. Definitely check it out at the app store. It’s a great way to interact with the children when you are out and about.

  35. Kitty says

    VOICE TODDLER CARDS — The Talking Flashcards it contains 400 talking cards. This app is incredible!! The pictures are crisp and clear and the ability to record your voice is owesome.

  36. says

    We have updated Math Magic to have a challenge option. Now kids can race against the timer. Parents can choose the type of problems (+/*-) for the challenge mode. Also the next release of Math Magic we are adding a manual option of entering the answers. Also parents can choose between multiple choice selection or manual entry. Please visit us at and send us feedback. Video for Math Magic

    iTunes link:

  37. Anne says

    My son and his friends (9 and 8) love to play with They can make tons of customized snow globes and also share them with their friends via email and Facebook. It is just a charming app that’s a great thing to keep kids occupied in the car, on a road trip, waiting for an appointment, or while shopping. Also, given the sharing component, it is a fun way to have the kids send cool thank you’s!

  38. says

    Check out he app “SpellingMagic”. It is free to download from the iTunes App Store. You can enter any list of spelling words, and then there are a variety of fun and engaging games to help kids learn how to spell those words. Great for all kids who get spelling lists from school and want to have an entertaining way to learn and practice those words independently.

  39. says

    A great Educational App that teaches children their ABC’s is ABC Tutor. Connor’s voice is so cute! This app is very engaging and your child will play with the “Magic Chalkboard” for hours.

    Effortless way to teach your child their abc’s while keeping him/her entertained at a restaurant etc.

  40. amy says

    My kids LOVE the app, Who Loves Baby? One of the only apps that I have found that embraces family, friends and love!

    I created a picture album (from the pictures on my phone) of all of our family and friends. Each person recorded a little message for the girls. My 1 year old and 3 year old absolutely LOVE flipping threw their album and tapping each picture to hear special messages from those they love most. Though most of my family is nearby, I feel like this app would be so special for military families or those far apart.

    100% guilt free entertainment!

  41. says

    Hey all, I just wanted to chime in and let you know about .
    We just acquired this website and hope to do good things with it. We have been working on our first app and it should be released by February 9th 2010. Please stop by our website and check it out.

  42. Kate says

    For kids age 3-6 best options are story books that are interactive such as “The Terrible Triplets” or “Molly and the Magic Lolly”. Your kid can interact with all the characters and slide, drag etc…Also no rush, you kid can stay on a screen and replay animations or move along to find out more options….This is highly distractive and finally you will have some time for yourself! My kids love this!

  43. Stephen and the Kidztory Team says

    Dear Travel Savvy Mom Team,

    Check out The Tortoise and the Hare, the third Kidztory animated storybook app from Stepworks.

    Try it yourself with this promo code: M4F4HKH467PE.

    Launched just yesterday, The Tortoise and the Hare is already on the Top 100 book apps list in the US and the UK.

    It’s popular because kids and their parents love the first two Kidztory titles, The Little Red Hen, and The Boy Who Cried Wolf.

    Each Kidztory title is chosen for its positive message and timeless charm.

    Hope you think The Tortoise and the Hare is worth sharing with your readers – and especially with the children in your life.

    Best regards,

    Stephen and the Kidztory team

  44. says

    To help older kids improve their reading skills, check out the new young readers edition of QuickReader. It trains proper reading and eye-tracking techniques and includes 31 age-appropriate classics for boys and girls.

    There’s also a free lite version available.

  45. says

    Spotisodes are fun and exciting iApps about Lifeboat Luke, a search and rescue adventure series for 4-7 year olds and their salty parents and grandparents. The series touches on the saftey issues involved with going to the seaside and going out to sea on a boat.

    Each Spotisode features a 5 minute episode of Lifeboat Luke as well as an interactive game which encourages kids to play along with the story, spotting special items that appear on screen. If they spot all 20 items they can unlock an exclusive Lifeboat Luke colouring page on the Luke website. The iApps are great for keeping idle hands busy during long journeys in the car or trips to the shops.

    Go to to find out more.

  46. says

    A fun app for kids – Make paper snow flakes without paper and scissors. Our kids spend hours “cutting” these out. Easy to use and every snowflake can be saved. We have hundreds of them already.

  47. Michael Sheehan says

    I am a developer with a Free version of my application Let’s Hear the Animals! with the animals’ sounds and the animals’ names in English and Spanish. There are advertisements in the application, but you should only see one at launch (maybe) and every two minutes. And if you like the app and don’t like ads there is a 99 cent version.

    I hope people enjoy my application.

    I have no connection with the developers of the monkey preschool game, but my 3 year old son loves it. Really wish it were mine.

  48. Stephen and the Kidztory team says

    Dear Travel Savvy Team,

    The Three Little Pigs, is the fourth Kidztory animated storybook app from Stepworks. It’s now at large, on the lookout for piggy snacks.

    Taste it yourself with this promo code: MWT63PKPPJM9

    Launched just last week, The Three Little Pigs is already delighting parents and children and has already been in the top ten of all paid apps in the US, in fact all four Kidztory titles are currently in the top 30. WOW!

    It’s popular because like all the Kidztory titles, it’s an app that’s been carefully, lovingly built with bricks and mortar.

    And like its companion titles, it has been selected for its positive message and timeless charm.

    We think you’ll find The Three Little Pigs is well worth sharing with your readers – and the children in your life.

    Best regards,

    Stephen and the Kidztory team

  49. Linda says

    check iCountCats – its a fun interactive app for pre schoolers to learn colors and numbers with rhyming sentences. Comes with audio so kids can fully entertain themselves with it.

  50. Stephen and the Kidztory team says

    Dear Travel Savvy Mom Team,

    The fifth Kidztory animated storybook app from Stepworks, “The Lion and The Mouse”, has just been released into the wild. It tells a story of friendship and forgiveness parents and kids will love.

    Taste it yourself with this promo code: 967WW3ANAXNX

    We’re hoping “The Lion and The Mouse” will be as popular as the other Kidztory titles, most of which have appeared in the Staff Favorites and New And Noteworthy sections of the App Store

    Kidztory stories work because we focus on quality and fun. Kids love the interactive surprises and parents love the positive message their children receive. We pioneered the Read To Me, Read By Myself feature, which is now a standard in many similar storybook apps.

    Please share “The Lion and The Mouse” with your readers. Parents will thank you for it.

    Best regards,

    The Kidztory Team

  51. says

    Parents should be sure to chcek out the newest game from InMotion Software, Stickman Rocks. In this game, stickman climbs a rock wall and avoids obstacles such as animals, falling rocks, birds, etc. We even built in an “endless climb” mode so that children can play as long as they want – no “deaths”. The game is currently featured by Apple in the App Store and is ranked #2 in kids games and #40 in the paid app category. As a policy, InMotion creates family friendly games with no blood and gore. We hope you enjoy Stickman Rocks.

  52. Amy says

    Amy from Sprint here – If you don’t own an iPhone but have a BlackBerry or Android phone, try these kid-friendly apps:
    Healthy Diet For Kids (Android Market) – Helping kids lead healthy lifestyles begins with parents who teach their children to recognize healthy and unhealthy food. In this game your child’s goal is to select the healthy items to get “health reward” points.
    Baby Go! (BlackBerry App World) – Keeps little ones entertained with colorful letter blocks that dance around the phone’s screen at the push of a button.

  53. Suzie says

    Thanks for all the great suggestions! I just found this app for coloring and drawing for the iphone. I think it’s new. My daughters were busy for quite a long time using this one. Great for using their imaginations. Keep up the great work!

  54. tracylena says

    Thanks for all the advice and superb suggestions. The best app that my both my kids like because of the fun element and I like for the message is.
    The recyclies. http:/

  55. John says

    I am currently using my iPad to teach my 3 year old son to learn alphabets and numbering system. I am finding the educational apps with gaming and learning approach, quite good to productively engage the kid. My son is using the Letters A to Z and Hello Hello Kids iPad apps, and he is proceeding well.

  56. Linda says

    My elementary school aged kids LOVE smartyshortz for the iphone, ipod, and ipad. It is one of the most educational and relevant apps that I’ve tried so far. It has 6 subjects with four lessons and four games for each. The best $1.99 that I have spent. Definitely worth checking out!

  57. GWH says

    I just reviewed 4 wonderful children’s picture books that can teach English or Spanish. They are Mom’s Choice Award winning books published by Raven Tree Press and brought to life on the iPad, iPhone, and iTouch by Storychimes. Extremely entertaining AND educational for ONLY .99¢. Be sure to check out Marco Flamingo, Nathan Saves Summer, Beautiful Moon, and A Walk With Grandpa.

  58. Kikidragonfly says

    I am gonna get an ipod touch and im a kid and these apps look awesome! The list was really helpful!
    LUV & PEACE :D

  59. Carrie says

    Our kids really enjoy Match 10. It’s a concentration game that lets you use any pictures out of your photo library. Our little boy enjoys the construction equipment pictures that come with the game. I think the best part, though, is watching the older ones build their own tile sets out of family photos. Too cute!

  60. Deanna says

    We just received our iPad…so fun for everyone! We love SMARTYSHORTZ (for brushing up on lessons before school starts), SHREKDRIVING (for 3rd grader fun) and SUMMERFARM (for preschooler fun)

  61. AppReviewWkly says

    I just reviewed 4 wonderful children’s picture books that can teach English or Spanish. They are Mom’s Choice Award winning books published by Raven Tree Press and brought to life on the iPad, iPhone, and iTouch by Storychimes. Extremely entertaining AND educational for ONLY .99¢. Be sure to check out Marco Flamingo, Nathan Saves Summer, Beautiful Moon, and A Walk With Grandpa. My kids can’t put them down and are already learning Spanish!

  62. Joost says

    Hey, if anyone is still reading this, I downloaded this new iPad app yesterday called iSpy…, a recreation of I spy with my little eye, my kids are still playing and laughing for hours now!

  63. says

    Hi you might be interested in my first iphone game / toy mostly written for my 4 year old son It turns your iphone or ipod touch into an interactive fire engine & police car full of buttons and realistic siren effects.

    You can hold your iPhone like a steering wheel turn on the engine and then run around with your phone , the engine will roar , tires will squeal , brakes will hiss when you (or your child) run and turns with the phone in real life. Also you have to respond to emergency phone calls and actually run to the fire and then put out the fire with the fire hose.

  64. says

    love the idea someone gave for SMARTYSHORTZ- then we found Montessori Words and MATHGIRL. all educational games our kids of all ages up to 9 love!

  65. says

    When I was looking for new apps for my son’s I phone, this apps got my attention. As a math teacher I recommend this apps. It calls POP MATH , BABY COUNTING .Also,I found this website is very useful for parents and kids.

  66. says

    My latest app, Quiet Book is out now. Quiet book features three illustrated and animated sections that include animals, spanish themed items and space themed items. Touch, explore, and discover fun words and surprises with 24 uniquely animated items. Tap the cute illustrations and you’ll see the associated vocabulary word on screen along with a fun animation.

    I’ve included a couple of promo codes. if you use a promo code, a review or rating is appreciated:


  67. says

    Want to expand your kid’s vocabulary? Then don’t miss out on this
    interactive educational game! Learn while you play! ‘Who Em I’ makes
    education a fun and challenging game for kids. As each animal picture
    slowly appears, kids get to chose from a multiple choice which animal
    is slowly becoming visible and compete for the high score. The faster,
    the better and the more vocabulary and spelling remembered each round!
    Stay tuned for free updates and more words to remember!

  68. Allens says

    Love Smarty Shortz!! Soo cute and educational too! Highly recommend this app, my kids are huge fans of this one!

  69. Anna says

    One app that didn’t make your list that my family is really enjoying is BallFallDown by FlatPack Interactive. It is an Entertainment App that allows users to take an empty iPad screen -“board”- and construct thier own interactive game. You can make all sorts of things including pinball machines. Although probably built for kids, my husband and I have spent hours playing with this app after the kids of put up the iPad and went to bed. It is free in iTunes.

    Merry Christmas,

  70. collinsJulie says

    thanks for the list we traveled over the holidays with quiet books and smartyshortz and the kids LOVED them!

  71. says

    My son likes angry birds, but my new fave is Pitter-Pad…it measures infant/toddler feet on the ipad screen (and it’s free).

  72. Rach says

    Check out Build a Story! I just purchased this app for my 10 yr old nephew and he is hooked. It is great to see a kid using their imagination while interacting with technology instead of just staring at a screen. The app as it’s title suggests – gets kids to build their own story via it’s beautifully drawn themes and characters. My nephew simply pics the themes – places in the characters he wants (he can place them anywhere in the them and shrink or enlarge) and then types in his own story.

    Find it on itunes – it cost $2.99

  73. Kelly Downy says

    My twins new favorite is called Licking Letters. It is a spelling game that also has mini games and dress-up. We’ve had it about a week now and they still like it (which is a rarity for them).

  74. says

    Another app that is simple and helps kids with monster fears, or likes to play and catch monsters, is Go Away Monster 3000. Designed by kids between 4 and 8. Parents control when a monster can be found, this app becomes part of your bed time routine and your kids can make a room monster free. During the day, your kids will run around looking for monster in places you never knew they existed.


    or on iTunes

  75. 30dayswithkids says

    on the road for 30 days with 3 kids…only an iPad with educational apps, healthy snacks and conversation?
    Oregon Trail
    Words with Friends

  76. says

    Yep just spend a fortune on your recommendations :) the best educational ones were the Smarty Shortz apps because my kids are too old (6 & 9) for the goo goo and peek a boo etc…

  77. JaneT says

    Thank you for recommendation. I’m sure my daughter would love some of the apps mentioned above. At the moment she absolutely loves Cinderella by Nosy Crow and Little Miss Muffet HD by Tantrum solutions.


  78. Martin Pearlman says

    I have narrow angle glaucoma and would like to read to my grandchildren. Do you have a 10.00 a month version ? Thanks for all.

    Martin Jay Pearlman


  1. […] Give the price of such a piece of equipment, one might not be so inclined to give it to their children, especially when parents often find themselves fishing their belongings out of the toilet bowl or bathtub (RIP Blackberry Pearl).  However, sometimes keeping the kids occupied and calm is worth any amount of money – well, that’s how I reason it.  Thankfully, both myself and my husband tote iPhones so that it will not be an issue when both girls require soothing via app.  For more info on on child-friendly apps, check this out. […]

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