Tea Tasting in Chinatown

San Francisco offers many diversions.  Many people choose the classics, such as riding a cable car or touring Angel Island.  Others prefer to shop and eat their way through the city.  Since we’re locals, we like our San Francisco adventures slightly more offbeat.

We like to explore Chinatown more than any other neighborhood, and recently stepped into Ten Ren’s Tea Shop on Grant Avenue for a respite from the chaos that reigns outside.

If you go with your kids, don’t let the charming salesladies talk you into Bubble tea (a sweet, lukewarm concoction with a scoop of gelatinous giant black tapioca balls at the bottom that’s served with an extra wide straw for easier slurping) and be sure to have your camera ready.


We’re participating in Delicious Baby’s Photo Friday series with this post—head on over there and check it out.



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    Bubble Tea is all the haps here in San Jose, and my sister LOVES the stuff. I don’t mind the drink, but the bubbles I could do without.

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    I don’t travel to San Fran often, but I always make time for a trip to Chinatown when I go. My favorite Chinese restaurant EVER is there. And suddenly I’m craving hot and sour soup! Bubble tea, I’m not so sure about. Thanks for the warning and the virtual trip. Happy Friday.

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    Last week I took the car to Chinatown in San Franciso. I’m going to the lookout for tea tastings as I venture out into the world. There are many colorful banners and signs and storefronts with Chinese architectural elements. This place is definitely a good spot for tea; there are no people who don’t speak some form of Chinese.

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