St. Simon’s Island with Kids

If you’re looking for a great family escape this summer, consider St. Simon’s Island along the Georgia coast. St. Simon’s is part of the Golden Isle of Georgia and offers lots of family friendly entertainment, in addition to the beach, that won’t break the bank. Here are five things to do near the St. Simon’s Island Village.

1. Crab or fish off the St. Simon’s Island Pier

stsimons1Crabbing has always been on my son’s to do list when we go to St. Simon’s. We still haven’t figured out the best time to catch the crabs, but the boys love to lower the net and get excited when they catch anything.

There are always serious fishermen around and it’s just fun to walk along the pier and see what everyone else has caught. We’ve spied hammerhead sharks, horseshoe crabs, rays and lots of different fish.

2. Get your playground on

Right outside the pool is a new playground that offers lots of different structures. There is also a large lawn perfect for throwing a football or just relaxing in one of the giant live oaks. Tables under the oaks make it a great spot for a picnic lunch.

stsimons23. Swim

St. Simon’s has a brand new public swimming pool right next to the Downtown Village and right off the ocean. There is a zero entry for the little ones, a deep end for diving and a water play structure. A snack bar is conveniently located to the pool for treats or lunch.

4. Play some mini-golf

On the other side of the swimming pool is a brand new miniature golf course. It’s not the traditional mini golf with the windmill and other obstacles, but more of a smaller version of the Island’s standard golf courses. If you prefer a course with a windmill obstacle, head to nearby Jekyll Island.

5. Ride bikes

stsimons3St. Simon’s Island has miles of bike paths and is a fantastic place to ride around. There are paths that wind around the airport where you can watch planes taking off and landing over your head, through the village and along the entire length of Frederica Road.

At low tide the beach has hard packed sand, so if it isn’t too crowded, you can also ride your bike along the beach and then wind up along the paths that go through the marshes of East Beach.

Sue Rodman is the publisher of Field Trips with Sue, an award-winning blog about things to do in Atlanta with kids.



  1. says

    St Simons is truly a beautiful and calm place to spend holiday’s time. There are bunch of good restaurants and some shopping places. Savannah and Cumberland Island would be good for a day tour and I really adore Jekyll Island.

  2. says

    We love St. Simon’s! We haven’t been in a few years and are hoping to make the trip this summer. Like the previous commenter said, Savannah makes a great day trip or overnighter from there too!

  3. says

    Jekyll Island has two mini-golf courses suitable for kids. And take time to visit the Georgia Sea Turtle Center while there, an interactive educational experience. You can even adopt a sea turtle.

    Jekyll’s gas station is being re-built, so you’ll need to gas up before coming to the island.

  4. Janet says

    What is there to do for 17 years old girls at night. Any good and safe places for them to go to?

  5. says

    Janet, I’m not sure. I have boys and the oldest is 12. The Island on a whole I think is very safe. If you’re staying over on Sea Island, I think the Cloister has some great teen programs. There are lots of shops at the Pier if she likes shopping. I’ll ask around and get back with you.

  6. says

    Good information. I have wanted to go to St. Simon’s and/or Jekyll for some time, but for some reason I never thought of them as the kind of destination kids would enjoy, so I have been hesitant since our daughter was born. Now, after reading your post, we will put that trip back on our to-do list!

  7. says

    Janet, I asked around and here are the suggestions:

    A trolley tour of the island (I’ve done this too and it’s fun)
    A kayak tour of the marshes (done this as well and it’s awesome. You can choose from different time frames. We did the marsh and then went out in the ocean to a small island to find shells)
    Rent Bikes – there are TONS of great trails and wide sidewalks.
    Ride horses on East Beach (haven’t done this one, but I’d love to)
    Fishing – the pier is a great place for that (and people watching) the folks there are so nice and help those who haven’t a clue what they’re doing (me for instance)

    John – I would definitely consider SSI and Jekyll for kids and families. Here is a link to a post I did on Jekyll

  8. Jody says

    Any suggestions regarding where to stay? We have a 6 and 4 yr old and we are trying to determine if it’s better to stay in a condo at the SSI Beach Club or rent a home on East Beach. Any other suggestions?

  9. says

    Jody, SSI Beach Club and East Beach are fairly close. East Beach has lots of beach due to erosion, so even beachfront homes are a short walk through the dunes and then on the beach to the water. The Beach Club will have water right out front. I have not stayed at the Beach Club but I believe they have a pool, something you may or may not get with an East Beach home rental and might be a good perk for kids. However, East Beach you’ll be away from large vacation crowds and have a little more room to spread out since it it all residential. Hope that helps. Honestly I don’t think you can go wrong with either option.

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