Sidetracked! Arizona Science Center


side·track (sīd´trăk): n. 1. A diversion from the main course. 2. A detour taken with children that you would never, ever take without them.


My kids and niece (ages ranging from 5 to 7) and various accompanying adults.

The Arizona Science Center, a hands-on children’s museum in downtown Phoenix, Arizona.

We were visiting the grandparents and needed something to do.

The High Point:
The “throw as many foam germ balls into the nose before it sneezes them out” exhibit. The kids almost had heart attacks when the nose sprayed back the foam balls with a giant, loud “ah CHOO.”

Plus the sign there read: “By the way, boogers are balls of mucous, dirt and germs – they aren’t snack food.”

The Kids’ Take:
Their high point was rolling my coins into the vortex coin collector – you know the one. They have it all science museums. The coin swirls around and around, racing the other coins, until ultimately it spins in a tiny circle and drops into the museum’s bank account.

The Bottom Line:
Plenty to keep you busy for more than one trip. Plus a great gift shop (which we managed to avoid) and café (it was Passover – we avoided that too).

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