Secondhand souvenirs

Not all fabulous souvenirs are prohibitively expensive

My 7-year-old daughter Annelies desperately wanted to buy a souvenir with the $7 she had brought with her on a recent trip to New Mexico.  Sadly, all the shops near our Santa Fe apartment were way too pricey for her budget.

The idea

Luckily,  on the way to the Taos Pueblo I had the brilliant idea to stop at the CAV Thrift Store we passed while searching for a restaurant with sopapillas.  I hoped that someone had donated a pueblo snow globe or dream-catcher or something that would alleviate her disappointment (not to mention the incessant whining).

The find!

We lucked out: red leather cowgirl boots in her size for $5.  Wow!  I think we’re going to add a thrift store stop to all our trip itineraries from now on.   As an added bonus, the money we spent at the thrift store supported a domestic violence program, so we can all feel good about being thrifty.



  1. Barbara says

    Annelies, keep shopping at Thrift stores. I’ve been doing it for about 40 years. Some of my favorite clothes come from them and once several years ago I found a suitcase that was new and only needed a screw to hole the wheels in place. I still use it.

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