On the Road with Family Travel Kits

Save yourself some hassle with this fun travel goody bag for kids

The night before any trip, I get a little crazed with the packing.  Not only do I have to remember clothes, shoes, juice boxes and all manner of other random stuff, I’m also expected to come up with a goody bag of some sort–a collection of toys, new and old, that are portable, indestructible and not likely to be lost under a hotel bed or airplane seat.

Also?  They should actually keep my kid’s attention for more than two minutes.  I won’t lie–I sometimes find the task harrowing.

So when Family Travel Kits invited me to try out of their road trip kits for a weekend getaway to San Antonio, I didn’t hesitate.  Yes, yes, oh please gosh, yes.

Family Travel Kits offers you a compact and fun sack full of snacks, diversions and things you never knew you needed.  They are also age-appropriate, with kits on offer for babies 0-18 months, todders 1-3 years and children 3-6 years and come in plane and road trip varieties.

Once he opened the black bag, Chet was enamored with a helicopter fan toy, fun stickers, a Toy Story-themed erasable drawing board and a book about the United States.  I was impressed with the rain poncho and very small travel first aid kit–items, no doubt, I wouldn’t have thought to bring along (but, as luck would have it, came quite in handy).

But the most important thing?  This bag kept Chet busy for almost the entire 3-hour trip.  When he got bored of one toy or activity, he simply reached into his bag and got out another.  No muss, no fuss.  And he liked the idea of having his own special bag–he wanted to carry it with him wherever we went.  Less crazy Mom, happy kid, easygoing family road trip–a definitely win/win for all involved.

But don’t take my word for it:  try a Family Travel Kit for yourself.  Travel Savvy Mom readers can order their own at a 10% discount by using the coupon code SAVVY.  But the fun doesn’t stop there.  Family Travel Kits is also offering you a chance to win a FREE family travel kit–simply add a comment telling us about what you think belongs in a travel goody bag.  (And I’m totally cool with you saying, “booze.”)

A winner will be chosen at random by 5/30/11.

This post was sponsored by  Family Travel Kits , a family-owned business that sells convenient kits to keep children entertained, occupied and safe while traveling.

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  1. says

    Novelty books with flaps or tabs. We have a cloth purse/book with flaps that hide elements that was great for air travel at 10 months. We travel with snacks like Cheerios. A friend recommended stringing them on a piece of yarn, too, for an activity.

  2. Elizabeth says

    There are three items that are essential for a travel kit for my family: my son’s Cars blanket, a notebook and pencil for my stepson and a word search book for my husband. After that I always pack some trains and/or cars and they can pretty much entertain themselves anywhere. Oh, and cookies. Nothing bribes them to sit still like cookies.

  3. says

    Twisty crayons, a new activity book, a new movie for the iPod and trail mix for the kids. For me, Twizzlers!

  4. Ruby says

    I’d never take my daughter on a trip without her iPod Touch, but I wouldn’t expect it to be in a ready-made goody bag. Lol

  5. chelesa sims says

    Stuffed animals my children love them. a insulated spill proof
    cup for my daughter. coloring book and crayons . DVDs for kids
    definitely a bag of some sorts for my daughter who for some reason has a thing for bags. oh and some sort of snack like cheese snack.

  6. Ker says

    Crayons, coloring books, toy cars/dolls, sticker books, etc. My kids would love this!

  7. Jennifer says

    A Kestrel 2500 Pocket Weather Meter! No kidding. It’s supposed to assess the weather, which is interesting enough, I guess, but wait until the kids discover they can blow into the wind meter and register the mph of their exhale! It’s fairly quiet (they’re just breathing hard) and they’ll get reallllyy tiiiirrred and sslleeeeepppy from all that blowing.

  8. elissa says

    For road trips — bingo boards to look for things on the road. They have saved our bacon many, many times. Both with words and icons, for pre-readers.

    Airplane — something that folds out so the playing cards don’t slide all over the seat-back tray table. A piece of felt would work well.

  9. Sarah B says

    Loving the idea of a family travel kit – would have to get one for each of my four boys next time we embark on a journey. So often it’s hard to keep them from the inevitable comment “are we there yet?” which frequently starts from about 30 minutes into the journey. I think these Family Travel Kits road trip kits (and flight ones) sound just magic!!

  10. Hillary Owensby says

    When my kids and I travel, we pack 5 goodies bags. One for each of our four children and one for my husband. Each ‘child’ gets to personalize theirs with snacks, toys, and items that will amuse them without destroying the vehicle. Haylie usually takes barbies, fruit snacks, and an mp3 player. Emma usually takes flash cards, granola bars, and a portable gaming system. Gabriel usually takes toy cars, crackers, and a portable dvd player. Krista takes a blanket, a baby doll, and fruit snacks. Daddy-o takes a portable dvd player, mp3 player, cell phone, and crackers. Everyone also carries a water bottle with a Drink Dazzler.

  11. Mikki Cross says

    a “travel goody bag” should contain magnetic puzzles that are age appropriate, and maybe small felt story boards that can easily be rolled up with all manner of cutouts geared to the child’s interest.

  12. Beth says

    We’re planning a long road trip soon with two boys, 4 and 6, and I want to assemble some boodie bags just for them. Maybe two each, outbound and inbound.
    In addition to the cool ideas mentioned above, I’m thinking ..
    — Magnet wheel yo-yo toy
    — small coloring books and colored pencils
    — small book or fun pamphlet showing where we’re going
    — small road map
    — cappable lolipops (Push Pop)
    — Small lego kit with basic elements (blocks and wheels)
    — yarn, paperclips, pipe cleaners, and tape
    — colorful small notepad
    — one of those enclosed toys with two or more viscous liquids

    Just fyi, my own kit will include a few new magazines, IKEA catalog, wipes, non-melty snacks, earplugs, replacement batteries for the kid-operated disney flix video cameras, a needlepoint or crochet project, an iPhone, and vodka.

  13. Rhonda says

    We’ve been making a 10+ hour drive 3-4 times a year since our 5.5 year old twins were 6 month old babies. The contents of our travel bag has changed over the years. I usually take charge of the activity bag and hand out activities, but giving them each their own bag for our next trip sounds like a great plan.

    Currently, our travel bag usually contains:

    water “painting” books and water filled pens
    plain paper
    twisty crayons
    flap books
    “find it” books
    magnetic dress up dolls on small cookie trays

  14. says

    Congrats to Hillary–she’s won the free Family Travel Kit. We’ll email you directly to get your address. Thanks everyone for all the great suggestions!

  15. says

    The kit seems like a great idea, especially if you’re busy with many other things to take care of before leaving. Does the excitement last after multiple trips? My guess is that it would probably be a good idea to add in a new ‘surprise’ with each trip to keep the excitement and engagement level up over time.

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