My kid is ready to retire to Beaches Turks and Caicos

IMG_0883[1]When I was a younger lass, I visited the Turks & Caicos.  I was blown away by its natural beauty, rustic charm and English sensibilities.  I’ve always wanted to go back.

So when Beaches Turks & Caicos Resort Villages and Spa invited Chet and me to come take a look at their newest addition to the property, the Key West Luxury Village, I jumped at the chance.  And it did not disappoint–this new village is gorgeous.  You can grab a great room at the hotel-like Veranda House if you are so inclined or pick up a more deluxe villa (with a pool and butler service even!) if that’s more your family’s cup of tea.  Either way, you are going to get beautiful grounds, impeccable service and access to the resort’s excess of amenities and restaurants at an all-inclusive price–whether you are a couple, a family of four, or a bigger, multi-generational group of 12.  It’s great, not to mention super family friendly.

But Chet doesn’t think that’s what I should be telling you about when it comes to Beaches T&C.  He acknowledges that the rooms are nice–but, let’s face it, as a 9-year-old boy, that’s not really what draws him to a vacation spot.  As long as there is a toilet and a bed for him once he’s run out of steam (as well as access to a cold, refreshing apple juice), he’s good.*  So, instead, he’d like to me to tell you the top 5 reasons he thinks your family should hit the Beaches Turks & Caicos Resort Villages and Spa as soon as humanly possible.  They also happen to be the top 5 reasons he plans to retire to Beaches T&C after finishing the second grade.  He’s currently drawing up plans to seek angel funding for said cause.

IMG_1168[1]1.  The Kids Camp.  Chet’s now cool enough that he doesn’t want to cling to me 24/7 on vacation.  He wants some alone time where he can hang out with his peers, play kid cool and avoid my camera lense.  And he was able to do just that at the resort’s Kids Camp.  (Well, okay, I might have snapped a few photos there when he wasn’t looking).

The camp runs from 9am to 9pm–and has programs from babies up to teens.  For Chet’s age group, there were a variety of fun activities daily including sailing, snorkeling, volleyball, crafts and video games.  The counselors really get down on the kids’ level and encourage them to try new things.  Case in point:  Chet declined snorkeling with me, citing how far the reef was from the beach shore.  I could not even bribe him to head out with me.  But with the Kids Camp?  He was happy to make the swim and got to see some great fish for the trouble.  Knowing that he was having such a great time–and with trained, engaged counselors, too–made me feel less guilty about spending a few hours reading on the beach while kind waiters kept offering me rum drinks.

2.  Pirates Island Water Park.  As if camp wasn’t enough, Beaches Turks & Caicos is also home to the Pirates Island Water Park.  As the mother of water park aficionados, I’m here to tell you that the park did not disappoint.  It had several cool slides, a high octane surf ride and a lazy river.  Racing down the slides (and then relaxing on the lazy river) was really fun way to spend an afternoon.

IMG_1080[1]3.  Cruising on the Kitty Katt.  Sounds kind of dirty, doesn’t it?  But the Kitty Katt is Beaches T&C’s catamaran, run by the Island Routes tour company.  This 65-foot boat offers three-hour tours twice a day.  You’ll stop to snorkel, visit a deserted beach and then use the boat’s 8-foot water slide in the bluest of blue Caribbean waters.  Chet would have happily stayed on that boat forever.

4.  The XBOX 360 Room.

You’d think, with so much cool stuff going on outside, a room full of video games wouldn’t be a draw.  But you may not be a 9-year-old boy (or a 30+ year old Dad, who, as I saw, were also great frequenters of the XBOX Play Lounge).  The Lounge has dozens of screens, with all the newest games, available for play.  You could easily lose your favorite video gamer there for a few hours if you didn’t forcibly remove them for dinner.

5.  This beach.


I don’t think I really need to say anything more, do I?  But in addition to a great spot to play or just relax in the sunshine, the beach is home to Beaches water sports cabin.  You can grab a windsurfer, paddleboard, Hobie cat or paddle boat, part of the all-inclusive deal.

All in all, Beaches offers a great all-inclusive experience for families–with enough fun choices, indoors and out, to please even your finickiest family member.  So if Chet does manage to wrangle that funding for early retirement, I’ll happily return to the resort with him.

*As a parent that has to run around with said energetic 9-year-old boy, the room does matter to me.  And the rooms in the new Key West Luxury Village are spacious and very, very comfy.  There is also a full bar, with wine, beer and the hard stuff, that gets replenished every day–and is part of your all-inclusive experience.  Can you say win/win?



  1. Kelly Bareford says

    This is still an all time favorite of our three boys! The swim up kids bar with the non-alcoholic piña coladas were one of their top five.

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