Ludicrous luxury in Mexico

Your own private beach for the week, and that’s only the beginning

Over the holidays, my mother-in-law treated the whole family to a week in Mexico, just south of Puerto Vallarta.  No sooner was the destination announced, than she sent us a link to the house she was renting.  Infinity pool, swim up bar, full staff, private beach… it didn’t take me long to nickname our family getaway, “the drug lord vacation”.

Why yes, I *did* win the mother-in-law lottery. Somebody had to.

Obviously, not many people can afford to travel like this.  Having said that, it was a slam dunk location for a family reunion.  The house, called Playasola, sleeps at least 11 people and the casita can accommodate six more.  It’s accessible only by water taxi, so seculsion is a given.  Finally, it’s new and very nice.

Not convinced?  Here are a few other reasons to mentally bookmark it for your next group vacation.

A private beach?  Yes, please!

I have seriously waited my whole life to stroll down the steps of a luxurious beach house with a cup of coffee in my hands, step onto the sand, and be the only one there.  And it happened every single day at Playasola.

It’s not exactly Mavericks. Don’t tell the kids, though.

It’s not a huge beach, but the kids had hours and hours of fun riding little waves on the provided inner tubes.  We all also caught crabs, snorkeled, and kayaked as pelicans dove and soared all around.

When we wanted to rent a jet ski or ride a banana boat, the house man Chicho called next door to Las Animas Beach and had one sent over.

Room to spread out.  Plenty to do.

Humidity + my hair = POOF!

With five king bedroom suites, nine bathrooms, a beach palapa, a sundeck, a sand volleyball court, a tennis court, a basketball court, and a gym, we definitely weren’t getting in each other’s hair at all.

There was always a place to find privacy, but we tended to congregate near the infinity pool where a wall of windows opened up onto a deck with views across Banderas Bay.

If you go, I’d recommend limiting day trips.  To reach the house, you drive 45 minutes south of Puerto Vallarta to Boca de Tomatlan, and take a 15-minute water taxi ride to the house.  You won’t want to do that too often.  We stayed busy by hiring a tennis teacher, frolicking in the ocean, and playing board games and cards.  It was extremely relaxing.

Yeah, they know “Cielito Lindo”.

The house comes with a staff of seven, including a breakfast/lunch cook and waiter, a dinner chef and waiter/bartender, a housekeeper, a groundskeeper, and a nighttime security guard.

You’ll have to pay for your food and drink bill (and make the menu a day in advance, with help), but someone else will do all the cooking.  Can you spell v-a-c-a-t-i-o-n?

If you wander downstairs looking even remotely thirsty, the house man will offer to make you a Piña Colada or a Paloma.  The sublime pleasure of this cannot be overstated.

You’ll also get laundry service, shopping (if, like me, you forget conditioner), and daily housekeeping.  Nothing is too much trouble.   Kids want quesadillas for breakfast?  No problem.  Want to hire a mariachi band?  No problem.  Need a jellyfish removed from the vicinity?  No problem.  At first, it was kind of embarrassing.  But once I got used to it, I relaxed more than I have in years.



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    Hello, I was just reading your post about the house in Puerto Vallarta. This is something I would love to do and was hoping you could provide more information.

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