Best Hotel Chains for Large Families

Theresa Jorgensen lives near Denver with her family.  She is the mother of four, including twins (14,11,11,8).  She blogs at and tweets at @sixsuitcasetrav.

sixsuitcasetravelIf you’ve ever tried to squeeze your larger family into a hotel room meant for four, you know that arrangement just doesn’t make for a pleasant stay. If you try to make the kids sleep three to a bed, there’s a lot of “Scoot over! You’re hogging the bed! Stop touching me!“

If you try to let the youngest sleep with you and your spouse, there’s a lot of removing little feet and knees from your back all night long. Everyone is happier and sleeps better when they have room to spread out. However, finding rooms to fit a larger family can be difficult. That’s why I started to help larger families find accommodations that fit their needs.

As I researched over 3,000 US cities, I noticed that some hotel chains were friendlier to families of 5-8 than others. What makes a hotel larger family friendly? Important features to larger families are the size of the hotel room, the bedding type, the type and availability of free breakfast, availability of kitchen, and of course for the kids, whether or not there is a pool. Based on these criteria, here are the five best hotel chains for larger families.

1. Homewood Suites

Homewood Suites made the top of our list because they have rooms that can accommodate eight. Many of their spacious two-bedroom suites have a king in one bedroom and two doubles in the second bedroom. Add in a sofa sleeper in the family room and a family of eight has plenty of room to spread out. Another great feature is a second bathroom which can be very important to families with older children. Fully equipped kitchens make saving money easy by cooking your own meals. Another money saving feature is the free Suite Start hot breakfast.

2. Choice Hotels

Choice Hotels includes the chains Comfort Inn & Suites, Sleep Inn, Quality Inn, Cambria Suites, MainStay Suites, Econo Lodge, Rodeway Inn, and Ascend Collection. These great hotel chains make up one third of our 2750 hotel listings for families of 5 to 8. Most often, a Comfort Inn & Suites or a Quality Suites can meet your family’s needs. They have bigger suites where your family can spread out. Most rooms have a microwave and mini-fridge. Bedding type usually consists of 2 queens or 2 doubles and a sofa sleeper. Sometimes a room may have 3 double beds. – Jackpot! To save you money in the morning, they offer free continental breakfast. You’re sure to find a pool to please the kids at Comfort Inn & Suites. In popular attraction areas, many locations offer free shuttle service to the big attractions. Any choice from this family of hotels will certainly please your family and your budget.

3. Residence Inn

Residence Inn is another great chain with spacious rooms. Rooms come with a fully equipped kitchen and the convenience of free grocery delivery. Bedding type usually consists of 2 queens or 2 doubles and a sofa sleeper. Start off your morning with a complimentary hot breakfast. Tire the kids out with a game of basketball, tennis or volleyball on all-purpose sports courts. Hotel suites at Residence Inn feel like apartments and are very homey. You might not want to leave!

4. Staybridge Suites

Staybridge Suites is part of the Holiday Inn family of hotels. We have many listings from Staybridge Suites. Their spacious two-bedroom suites include full kitchens and a second bath. Bedding type in the two bedroom suite include a king and 2 queens. Bedding in a one bedroom suite may include 2 queens and a sofa sleeper. Fill your tummies with their free hot breakfast buffet. Bring your goggles and swimsuits, many locations have pools.

5. Hyatt Place and Hyatt Summerfield Suites

At Hyatt Place and Hyatt Summerfield Suites, you’ll find lovely spacious suites with separate living areas. Enjoy a full kitchen at Hyatt Summerfield Suites with complimentary grocery shopping service. Most rooms consist of 2 doubles and a sofa sleeper. Get your motor running with a free continental breakfast at Hyatt Place and a complimentary full breakfast at Hyatt Summerfield Suites. Many locations have a pool for a splashing good time.

All these hotel chains have locations with great rooms and suites for larger families. But is it that easy to find your larger family a hotel room?  Nope.  The easiest way to find a hotel accommodations for your larger family is to visit us at We’ve done all the research for you with over 2,750 hotels for families of 5-8 in all 50 States, Canada, and Mexico.

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  1. says

    Love this, Theresa. Online, a lot of hotels won’t even let you put in more than four people to make a reservation. Do these hotels all allow that? @TheWorldCalls

  2. says

    Thanks Lisa. Yes, the hotels do let you search/input for more than four on their sites. There a few hotels on my site that can accommodate six but you have to book for five. For these, I give directions to “book for five, room for six”.

  3. says

    Hyatt Place is a chain that is very good for our family of six, and without your site I wouldn’t have thought of looking at it. The price is very reasonable as well, and my husband loves the huge TV in the room!

  4. says

    This would have been a fantastic resource when our family of 9 took a road trip from Denver to Northern CA this past summer—although you specialize in families with 5-8 members. I feel we are officially in the oddball camp.

    When we stayed in hotels, we ended up having to get 2 rooms. It wasn’t so bad when the rooms were adjoining, but one night we stayed down the hall from each other and it was irritating. I slept in one room with our daughters and our baby boy and my husband stayed in one room with our older boys.

    I learned a lot from that trip…

  5. says

    These are great tips. I have a family of four but we like to spread out a bit when we can. I will pass these tips on to my friends with larger families.

  6. says

    What about Embassy Suites? So great with nickelodeon, separate room for kids, free breakfast, happy hour for parents, pools and usually hot tubs, too.

  7. john zimmerman says

    How ’bout some “real” tips for my family of 12. 7 boys ages 16,13,11,10,5,4,and 6 months and 3 girls ages 14,8 and 7. We’re traveling from WV to CA this summer for a friend’s wedding. I remember the hassles traveling with just 4 or 5 little kids – lots of rejection, rules and ‘company policies’ that can’t accommodate families. I work as a firefighter, so we need to be pretty frugal. Looking into renting a house for the week. Hotels are a real hassle for a family of twelve.

  8. says

    @John Wow, that IS a big group. If I were you I’d try Homewood Suites while on the road, and a house when you reach your destination in California.

    What is your destination?

  9. says

    Oh, family of 12 is a hard one. We do have a few hotels for really big families, but not many. If you ever head down to Kissimmee,FL, I know we list two hotels there that can accommodate 12.


    With the listings we do have it will cut down your need for 3 rooms down to 2.

    As always; if you come across a hotel that we don’t have listed, let me know so I can post it ASAP!

    Safe Travels!

  10. Chris says

    Great site. Just one problem. I can’t seem to find any hotel in your list above that will let me book a room for 8. Everyone of them says I exceed the room occupancy when I try to find rates. Why is that? Have they changed or am I missing something?


  11. says

    Come on over to to find hotels that will sleep 8. Look for a red “Room for 8″. Many hotels only have a few rooms that can sleep 6 or 8 and they go fast. So if a hotel only has 2 rooms that can accommodate 6-8 and they are booked, the hotel’s website search function will show nothing available or that you’ve exceeded the room occupancy. My tip-book early!

  12. Allison says

    Drury Hotels by far has been amazing for family of 6…includes breakfast and snacks in evening! E Saver rates are a great deal!!!

  13. Ken says

    Eliminate Choice Hotels… wouldn’t reserve for two adults and 3 children… exceeded max occupancy…

  14. says

    Not all Choice Hotels will accommodate big families; but a large number of them do, we list them on our site. Those that do may only have a few hotel rooms that can sleep big families, be sure to book early!

  15. Myron says

    On the road with our 6 kids it is hard to book ahead for a single room due to “fire restrictions”. However, when you drive up at 11pm and the hotel is not full they usually accept the whole family in one room anyway and often at a discounted rate. If not, the next hotel down the street will. Just be prepared to drive another 30 minutes if there is a sports event or convention in town.

    Our younger kids always bring their pillow and blanket with on a long road trip and have no complaints sleeping on the floor, under the desk, next to the TV, etc. in a “special” bed made from extra hotel blankets. In the Black Hills we had a little trouble once because there was no extra floor space around our 2 double beds so we were closer than normal, but creative parents can twist that to make good memories too.

    Another big vote for Homewood Suites, definitely our family favorite for destination hotels. Saves a lot of money with great breakfasts and most weeknights have a light supper as well. The staff and environment have always been great with kids unlike some other fancy/business hotels. Definitely better and usually cheaper than getting adjoining rooms.

    It’s often likely to find a reasonably priced large family friendly room near a regional or specialized hospital. Hospitals may even provide a list of them to help their patient’s families.

    Our kids long to go on road trips and love sleeping all together in one hotel room. Sure there are occasional complaints of whom the have to share a bed with, but they would still spend their last dollar buying gifts for each other.

  16. Karen says

    Hi Theresa,
    I know this is an old post, but I have a question for you. We are a family of 7, but the youngest three are not old enough to need beds (we are a foster/adoptive family with kids ages 5, 3, 20 months, 8 months, and 7 months). When we are traveling, we will be taking 3 pack-and-plays with us. Is it ok to book a room for 4 (2 adults + the 5- and 3-year-olds), or do we have to specify the babies who will not be needing beds? Given the ages of the kids, it is REALLY not practical to split us up between two rooms. Thanks for your input!

  17. Karen says

    Oh, and I forgot to mention: we are traveling from Las Vegas to your neck of the woods. We’re headed to family in Colorado Springs, with an overnight somewhere near Grand Junction.

  18. AutumnJerene says

    This is so helpful! As a military spouse, I often find myself traveling without my husband either because he’s deployed or because he’s in a school between duty stations while I’m left to make the move with the kids on my own. We have 5 kids (10 and under) with #6 on the way. There is NO splitting us up in rooms when you are the only adult with 5 minors. I have no choice but to cram everyone in a single room (or sleep in my car, but really how safe is that!).
    Sure I could fly but I’ve done that before. Driving is so much easier, less stressful and I don’t get nasty looks and comments from a cabin full of childless grumpy pants. lol


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