Galapagos with Gap Adventures – Journey Back to Quito

Our Galapagos journey comes to an end…

The night before we leave San Cristobal, the sunset explodes into a sky of extreme pinks and purples.  It is absolutely stunning.  And a fitting farewell, I can’t help but think, from this incredible place.

Our return journey is as arduous as the one that initially took us to the islands.  Though we had hoped to take a small plane back to the Isla Baltra and the main airport, our guides are wary of us doing so.  “They are always late.  You could get stuck in Baltra,” they tell us.  To ensure an on-time return to Quito, I soon realize we will have to commit to a boat, a water taxi, a 4×4 ride, a ferry and a plane whether we like it or not.  It’s time to get more of that Danish seasickness drug.

We have a surprise interruption to our journey, however.  Once we disembark the speedboat in Isla Santa Cruz, we are taken to see Los Gemelos, or the Twins, a pair of incredible sinkholes in the highlands.  We hike a bit, look into the depths and try to shake off the travel fatigue.  But before you know it, we are herded back to the taxi to continue on to the ferry and the plane.  Once we board the plane, it is a quick and painless ride to our city hotel.

We’ve had an amazing adventure in the Galapagos on our Gap Adventures tour.  We have hiked to volcano craters, snorkeled with sea turtles, played with sea lions and watched giant tortoises “wrestling.”  We’ve tested ourselves and learned that we can meet the challenge of a family adventure tour (though, admittedly, not without some whining.  The lack of hot water was a bit hard for this traveling family to endure–and there were probably more than a few extra taxi rides during our itinerary).  We learned, we delighted, we wondered and we explored.  But while it’s clear that this journey will be one we’ll measure all future ones against, we’re ready to go home.


But we wouldn’t mind if this guy wanted to tag along for the ride.

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