5 Common Myths about Group Travel

When I told friends that I was traveling to Scotland on a luxury escorted group tour, I got a lot of blank stares.  Why would a savvy world traveler like me subject herself to a slow bus, a rigid schedule, and the company of strangers?

Obviously, group travel has a little bit of an image problem.

5 Common Myths about Group Travel
Should you book an organized trip for your family vacation? Short answer: yes, at least once.

Now that I’ve been on a handful of these trips, I’ve become something of an evangelist.  Why?  Because group travel is fun and easy.  And as a traveling mom, those are not adjectives I throw around lightly.  Here are five common myths I hear all the time about group travel:

1.  It’s too expensive

People invariably get sticker shock when they price group travel.  It’s easy to get hung up on the big numbers without really thinking about what’s included – I’ve done it myself.

Let’s look at a 1-week trip to Costa Rica that costs $14,400 for a family of four without international airfare.  Ouch, right?  Before you go breathing into a paper bag, consider that the price includes exhaustive destination research, nice hotels, internal flights, exclusive activities, most meals, a couple adult-only dinners, and superb guides.

Could you organize a family trip to Costa Rica for less?  Of course.  Would you get high quality activities, luxury accommodations, and a completely hassle-free experience?  Probably not.

Read the full article on The Smart Parents Guide to Family Adventure Vacations (please note: the guide is a PDF and may take a few minutes to load, depending on your connection speed.  Stick with it — it’s worth the wait.)




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    Jamie, we went on our very first group tour last year, to Israel. I was dreading the “group” part, but it turned out to be a fantastic experience, and the best vacation we ever had! I would definitely do another!

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