My kid has always loved the water.  Even as a wee one, he'd throw himself headfirst into any body of water, mud puddles to oceans, without a second thought. But despite that love of water, snorkeling hasn't always come so easy to Chet.  Maybe it's the weird mask that sticks to … [Read more...]

Happy CAR-adays!


Celebrating the Holidays CARS-style at Disney's California Adventure's CARS Land At the beginning of the summer, Disney's California Adventure opened their new CARS Land section.  While we were invited to head over and take a look, other commitments kept us away.  I was pretty … [Read more...]

Adventures in LEGOland


Looking for a place to introduce your kids to the magic of amusement parks?  LEGOland is the place for you. I'm a girl who loves roller coasters.  The drops, the speed, the loop-de-loops:  there's just something about throwing my hands up in the air, almost defying the laws of … [Read more...]